We offer a broad assortment of high quality goods for your choice: TV, audio, video and household equipment, Hi-Fi facilities, photo facilities, music goods, computer hardware, women and men clothes, goods for sports and rest, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture and furniture for children rooms, lamps, carpets, home textile, dishes, toys and goods for infants, which can be bought also on leasing, by means of the services of such leasing companies as "LATEKO LĪZINGS" AS,"InCREDIT GROUP" SIA; "ESTO LV" AS.


To execute the goods on leasing, you should be 18/21 years of age, you should have a valid passport of citizen or non-citizen of Latvia, as well as a permanent work place. In separate cases the leasing company may request the statement from the work place. The statement must be prepared on the template of the company and the statement must specify: registration number of the company, name, surname, personal identity number, and position and average earnings of the lessee after payment of taxes. The statement must be signed by the head and the accountant of the company, and must also bear the company seal.

In this respect Elkor, in line with Clause 6 of Section 2 of Personal Data Protection Law, is considered to be the personal data entry operator of the leasing company. Elkor sends the received personal data and information to the leasing company and does not preserve it, except for the data related to payment processing after the payment of the purchase arrives at the accounting records.