Possible payment options:

  • Internet bank
  • Wire transfer
  • Leasing

  • Payment by Internet bank

    In our store, you can use the latest and most reliable payment method – Paysera Banklink. This payment system was developed by Paysera AS, which guarantees the protection of your finances and personal data. The main advantage is data confidentiality: the buyer's information does not go to the seller.
    Make payments via Paysera Banklink directly from your bank account. It's a convenient and secure way of payment that allows you to make purchases instantly. To carry out a transaction, simply choose your bank, log into the system, and confirm the operation. Paysera AS operating in accordance with the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD 1) – Directive 2007/64/EC. banks-latvia

    Payment by wire transfer

    Payment by wire transfer can be performed in any bank. Natural person, upon making the payment, must specify the number of the order in column “Notes”. Natural person will be contacted by the operator, for execution of the commercial invoice. The purchase will be considered as paid after the money is transmitted into the current account of the Internet store. The ordered good is reserved in the warehouse up to the moment of receipt of funds.


    Especially fast and convenient to purchase the desired product up to 10,000 euros on installment! We offer this service in cooperation with ESTO LV AS.

    All you need to do is confirm your order, choose one of our partners, read the terms of the installment provision, and sign the installment purchase agreement in digital form.

    Advantages of buying on installment online:

    • Extremely fast, convenient, and safe process lasting about 1 minute;
    • You will immediately see the financing decision;
    • You can choose the most favorable contract term or payment amount for you;
    • You sign the installment purchase agreement electronically - conveniently, quickly, and securely.